Here is what people are saying about this upcoming book on Facebook:

We support you, Cheryl! It is important for victims to know they are not alone. Thank you for sharing!  
 --Valerie S

Your story is truly amazing. I'm anxiously waiting to see your book out there on the shelves. 
--Carrie Y

Can't wait to read the book !!! You both are amazing ! --Laura L

So proud of this family. Their strength and courage is a true inspiration. I am glad you guys are finally able to get your story out and I will always be a supporter♥ 
--Devynn N

(Cheryl's sister and a big part in the book) So excited for your journey ahead it's been quite the roller coaster for you both ... But true love conquers all. --Perfect example I'm so lucky to have u as my sister and pretty much my mom. u got stuck with this brat and Rob as my brother- the only man who's stood by me and stuck up for me. 
--Joann C 

...a very good friend of mine who I love has taken a huge step in her life and put aside her fears so she can help others that are going through the same as she has and to me she is so courageous Cheryl I am so proud of you and the woman you are today .you are a awesome mother to your beautiful children and to have the faith and strength to be right by Rob side when he needed you. Rob & Cheryl you guys are a true example of true love. --Dawn G

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  1. Such an amazing story, Cheryl will be an Angel to countless numbers of victims.... So sad that no one came forward earlier to help this poor kid before it got to this point but I am glad for the way her life turned out, she and her husband deserve it...Wishing you both Many Blessings going forward.