And I had been told it was all anxiety--not my heart
Our book describes what happened in great detail, because I want to get this story out before this happens to anyone else. 

I ask the question: Would you send one of your family members to a doctor who assures you everything is okay and doesn't order additional tests? A doctor who laughs at you when you believe something could be  seriously wrong with you? A doctor who not only doesn't visit his patient in the hospital where he works, but walks out while you are testifying to the hardships and pain you went through and continue to go through because of his mistake?

What does it feel like to die? I can tell you, because on May 14th 2012, I died for 43 minutes after having a heart attack on my wife's 43rd birthday, only to come back from the dead and get screwed in a court of law.


In summary, before my heart attack, I had chest pains, a numb left arm and at times trouble breathing. I went to a cardiologist a few times and each time was told nothing was wrong with my heart. Three months later, I had an episode unlike any other episode I had before, and as a registered nurse myself, felt I'd had a heart attack. But after 20 minutes the symptoms did go away. I went back to the cardiologist early the next morning and was assured yet again it was not my heart.

The doctor thought it was something I ate or anxiety. Two and a half weeks later I had a massive heart attack and was clinically dead for an astounding 43 minutes. I was pronounced dead at 30 minutes when the ER doctor told my wife and children there was nothing more they could do for me. 


Knowing I wouldn't leave her, my wife pleaded for ten more minutes of CPR. After 8 minutes, my heart restarted. I was in a coma for 17 days fighting for my life while all my organs were shutting down. I was in the hospital for approximately a month. I am amazed at the almost full recovery I have made since then.

After 3 years, I finally got my day in court against the cardiologist whom I feel killed me. While I was testifying, the doctor left the courtroom! I waited three years to look this doctor in the eye and let him know that I know he made a mistake in not doing anything on the last emergent visit except to reassure me that it wasn't my heart. He even laughed it off--literally--laughed out loud at me. The man walked out of the courtroom while I was testifying. I didn't even get that satisfaction of telling him what I had gone through after his mistake of sending me away with The wrong medical advice.  

My family bravely testified on my behalf and my expert witnesses also testifed that this doctor was negligent with my health care. Despite compelling testimony, 6 jurors felt it was we, the victims, who were negligent for trusting this so called doctor and not going  to the hospital sooner. They thought it was just a coincidence I had seen him with chest pain and all the other signs of impending disaster prior to the heart attack on May 14th, 2012. We also found out during the trial that he had privileges for Stony Brook hospital and never once came to visit me. Though he didn't visit, he did look at my chart and saw the surgery that was done when a skilled surgeon put in the stents. He had not ordered tests that would have shown I had one clogged artery at 90 % and another at 100 %, and it was NOT anxiety as he repeatedly told me. So much for not having any heart issues. Sounds pretty guilty to me.

My heart is broken yet again because I was screwed over one more time--This time by 6 jurors who didn't seem to care that malpractice had been proven! This is just a very brief summary, you wouldn't believe the whole story, but you will be able to read much of it when our book releases in mid-December 2016. 

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    1. Although you persist in posting, we will not be answering your posts.

    2. You Les are a piece of shit with nothing better to do ..... you seem jealous maybe no one has ever loved you enough to put there neck on the line .... #haters#are#gonna #hate#
      Be proud ... Rob your are an amazing man with a heart of gold and you gave Cheryl something she never had before you and that's trust

  2. Hi Rob. I'm sorry about your case. Crazy thing that happened with Doctor at Sunnybrook. My boyfriend's son goes to grad school there. So amazing that Cheryl insisted that they bring you back. Glad you are alive. Shocked that you lost case. You seem like a great person to help (not with murder but emotionally) your gf when in high school and making something of your life and becoming a registered nurse. Congratulations for being still married. I read your story 30 years ago. Can never forget such a horrible story. Good luck on the rest of your life!

    1. Thank you for your post. The doctors in Stony Brook were awesome.They saved my life. It was the cardiologist I was seeing before the heart attack that was awful. I hope you will read the correct story that we have out in our book Incest Murder and a Miracle because the story you read 30 years ago is not accurate. Thank you again for your support and take care. Rob Cuccio

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  4. Hi Rob it's Janine...Yes the one who sat next you all through school. I am so sorry to hear that this happened again in a cardiologists office to one of our classmates. I am so grateful Cheryl pushed for you. Leo had the same circumstance but unfortunately a less favorable outcome. Good for CHeryl for following her heart and listening to that inner voice guiding her and you! Godspeed!

    1. Hi Janine, how are you ? Wow time has flown bye. Yes a lot has happened since sitting next to you in school. I'm grateful to be here to be answering you that's for sure although it was a Hugh struggle to fight back from there. But with the help of my family im almost 100 % . We'll thank you for reaching out. Keep in touch with us on Cheryl's fb page and take care. Rob