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Another wonderful 5 STAR REVIEW for Incest, Murder and a Miracle from Readers Favorite. This reviewer has literally "walked the walk" as a victim/survivor herself and has reviewed the book from the heart. You should read this one, and then get the book. You will be seeing a lot more of Cheryl and Rob Cuccio on TV and in print as they are back in the public eye advocating abuse awareness and prevention after 30 years of silence! Available in paperback, Kindle and Nook at most online sites.


Reviewed by Viga Boland for Readers' Favorite
It’s rare for me to review a book subjectively, but in the case of Incest, Murder and a Miracle by Cheryl Cuccio, Robert Cuccio, and Morgan St. James, I felt I had no choice. For starters, details, many of which were inaccurate, about the young teen, Cheryl, who paid to have her father murdered after he sexually abused her from ages 11-15 were blasted over every media channel available at the time. I remember the case well and perhaps readers will too. Secondly, like Cheryl, I also was a victim of incest for many years during my teens. But unlike Cheryl, my ugly secret never made headlines because like most victims of incest, I kept the deadly silence that seals such ugly family secrets, sometimes forever, and lets the public continue to believe situations like Cheryl’s are rare, when nothing could be further from the truth. I waited until I was 65 to write my memoir.

So, with that in mind, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to review Incest, Murder and a Miracle, Cheryl and Rob Cuccio’s effort to set the record straight and spell out the truth behind Cheryl’s father’s murder. Incest, Murder and a Miracle is a plea for understanding from the majority who choose to support abusers and condemn the abused. How well victims understand Cheryl’s motivations! We have lived her hell and know how desperately one wants the abuse to end. Victims reach the point of no longer caring what becomes of them; they cannot think clearly beyond just wanting the abuse to stop and to hell with the consequences. And anyone who hasn’t faced repeated rape by a father can understand Cheryl’s desperation. I certainly can, and as a result, applaud her efforts to tell her true story with the help of her husband Rob and author, Morgan St. James. 

But there’s more to the book, Incest, Murder and a Miracle than just Cheryl’s story of the incest and subsequent murder. There’s a Part Two, as it were, that tells the fascinating true story of Rob Cuccio dying from a heart attack and coming back to life 45 minutes later. Yes, you read that correctly.That coming back to life was a miracle. But so was Cheryl’s incredible strength in being able to carry herself and their children through this medical trauma, that led to a malpractice lawsuit against her husband’s physician. Where did Cheryl find such strength after all she’d lived through, including imprisonment?

Cheryl Cuccio found her seemingly bottomless strength, as so many victims who survive sexual abuse do, in the struggles she’s had to overcome. Some victims succumb to alcohol, drugs, prostitution or end up in prison. Others, like Cheryl and myself, fortunate enough to find supportive husbands to love and lean on, are able to take control of their futures instead of being controlled by their pasts. All the adages apply to Cheryl’s story of Incest, Murder and a Miracle: the strong will to survive; when the going gets tough, the tough get going; in struggling we find our true strengths. Incest, Murder and a Miracle will speak to all victim/survivors of sexual abuse and encourage them to speak up, to believe there are some good, caring people in our world and that we too can have a happy ending to our sad stories. Well done, Cheryl, Rob and Morgan. Great to see another book shedding light where there is too much denial and darkness.

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This is just part of the shocking but inspirational story. For the full story, and the life-changing events that made Cheryl know she had become a strong, independent woman  capable of making critical decisions, check out the book. Available in paperback, Kindle and ePub at your favorite online bookseller. Watch for much more media about this incredible couple. If you have read the book, please post a review. They are so important to us.

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Cheryl and Rob Cuccio
The April 24 issue of PEOPLE MAGAZINE tells our story. Look for "The Cheerleader and the Hit Man."

It has taken a long time since the project was green-lighted, but we are grateful to reporter Caitlin Keating and PEOPLE MAGAZINE for helping to spread the message that "You are not alone, and you do not have to be defined by bad things that happen to you."

Visit @CherylCuccio at Facebook and

Our book is available at most online booksellers in paperback, Kindle and ePub.

The more people who know our story, the more people we can help.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Every year more than 3 MILLION reports of child abuse are reported in the U.S. alone. That's not to say how many go unreported!  PLEASE speak up for children who can not yet speak up for themselves.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017


This was posted by Jakki Pransky today. She lives in England. Domestic violence is an international problem and too frequently the abuser does not get punished sufficiently due to the lack of understanding of the dynamics of domestic violence. This petition began with the signature of the 1 person who initiated it. There are now over 56,000 signatures! Intelligence and/or a network of friends does not protect a woman or man from an abuser.

Jakki said:
The comment asks why am I signing this petition. Does that question even need to be asked? My god, that in itself is a tragedy.

Last night Manchester Crown Court’s Judge Richard Mansell ruled that he would not jail Mustafa Bashir, a man who made his wife drink bleach and, at one point, struck her over her back with a cricket bat saying: "If I hit you with this bat with my full power then you would be dead." Judge Mansell concluded she was not vulnerable enough because she was "an intelligent woman with a network of friends" and a university degree.

The Judge handed out a suspended sentence of 18 months - a punishment which is not enforced unless a further crime is committed during a specified period. What message does this send out to perpetrators of domestic abuse?

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Anybody that would like to join us we would love to see you there. We will be doing about a 40 minute speaking and answering any questions afterwards followed by a book signing. Would love to see you.

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Please visit Goodreads and cast your vote for INCEST, MURDER AND A MIRACLE for the Goodreads Choice Awards 2017. We receive comments almost every day from people who have been inspired by it, people who are so touched by the true story of this amazing couple. Paperback, Kindle and eBook.