Wednesday, June 29, 2016


What a reality check!!!!! If trying to live with all the daily PTSD wasn't hard enough but writing this book for the last couple of years, putting my emotions down on paper, confronting the truth yet again bringing all these feelings back up to the surface.  Seeing your old newspaper articles up on your face book so people could view them and comment on your life. If some of your friends didn't know your past they know it now with all the questions to follow. Now the strange things that begin to happen all over again bringing me right back to thirty years ago when people knew about my life and bad things would happen to my personal stuff. I just keep telling myself, if it helps just one person bringing all this pain up again to let them know they are not alone and they could get through their own torture all of this will be worth it.
                                                                       Cheryl Cuccio

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

INCEST, MURDER AND A MIRACLE - The Cheryl Pierson Cuccio and Rob Cuccio True Story: FULL WEBSITE JUST PUBLISHED

INCEST, MURDER AND A MIRACLE - The Cheryl Pierson Cuccio and Rob Cuccio True Story: FULL WEBSITE JUST PUBLISHED: In addition to this blog, there is a complete website with many photos, news clips, sample chapter of the book and more....


In addition to this blog, a complete website has just published complete with many photos, news clips, sample chapter of the book and more. CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT

Frankly, folks, the Cuccio's life has been like a fictional story, but it is all true. Lots of documentation, etc. to back everything up. Cheryl was silent about the reality of her life for thirty years and has come forward now to help others. To let them know there are other ways to get help, but to get help you have to find the courage to speak out. 

As for Rob, his mission in this book is to encourage people who receive a questionable diagnosis of what they feel is serious to get second opinions. It is a relief when you are told nothing is wrong, but look what happened to Rob. He died for 43 minutes!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016


When I was contacted by Cheryl (Pierson) Cuccio and Rob Cuccio to help them write their book, I had no idea of what an amazing story this would be. Interested parties: the book is currently represented by literary agent Paul S. Levine--see Contacts page.

Over the past few years I have become an advocate for abuse victims, having helped to write books like La Bella Mafia for abuse survivors. But this was more. It is the stuff that movies and fictions are made of.

Picture this: A sexually, physically and mentally abused teenager whose mother died when she was 11, hires a classmate to kill her father who is now threatening to also go after her 8 year old sister. Teenagers don't think like adults or realize the consequences sometimes. What they know comes from TV, movies and books. She paid a heavy price. Not just with time in jail, but in her entire emotional well-being. But her sister was protected.

Cheryl and her high-school boyfriend Rob got married after she was released from jail, had two beautiful daughters and tried to live as normal a life as possible. It was not without obstacles.
Then the biggest obstacle of all. Due to malpractice, proven but with a "not liable" decision for the doctor by a six person jury, Rob found out what it means to be dead for 43 minutes, then miraculously brought back to life without brain damage. A true miracle. That happened in 2012. After extensive physical therapy and experiencing severe mental stress, he was able to resume his career as an oncology nurse and was named "Nurse of the Year-New York 2015" three years after he died.

Sounds like fiction, right? Well, it's all real and for the first time in 30 years Cheryl and Rob are telling their true story--not the fabrications and suppositions that filled newspapers, magazines and TV for over 3 years. We hope the book will be published soon. Cheryl will appear on an episode on the Discovery ID TV channel in 2017. Cheryl and Rob are available for radio, TV and print/online interviews.
This blog went public at 1:30 am on June 21, 2016. By 9:00 am there were over 1,000 views. The stories of Cheryl and Rob are so important and can impact so many lives in a positive way. If you are reading this page, please use the comment section to say whether you want to buy the book when it is published. This will be a great help to our agent.

Here is what Cheryl replied to a Facebook comment:

It was a hard decision to make to do this but if it can help others Rob and I are ready. It’s been a long time coming. Our girls are grown and we have been through a lot together and it is time.

Please share this site so many more can click on it and gain courage from what we have survived.

We’ll be adding more to the blog and making a website and listing the shows we will be on in the future. Hopefully the book will be published soon."

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Cheryl and Rob
 Cheryl Pierson Cuccio and Rob Cuccio's relationship began with a life that sounds like fiction and included a murder. Through every nightmare they experienced, true love never faltered.

The manuscript for the book is currently in the hands of our agent, Paul S. Levine.  We will post photos, media clips, commentary, and more on this new site. Upcoming appearances and events will also be posted.

Cheryl lived in a Hell on earth for many years of her childhood, the victim of her sexually, physically and mentally abusive father. 

After 30 years of silence, she has finally come forward to tell the truth behind the sensational headlines and radio or TV shows about this murder-for-hire case.

Cheryl has been committed to helping abuse victims for many years now and hopes by writing this book along with Rob, that  situations of victims who read the book don't turn into the desperate horror her's did. 

Rob experienced something that few people have. It has been called a miracle and was that he is here to help tell the story is a direct result of Cheryl's love and dedication to her husband--the person who protected her from the time she was an abused teen.

My name is Morgan St. James, and I am the co-author of their just completed book "Incest, Murder and a Miracle." 

Cheryl and Rob Cuccio are available for talks and interviews. If you would like more information, please go to the contact page.