Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Cheryl and Rob
 Cheryl Pierson Cuccio and Rob Cuccio's relationship began with a life that sounds like fiction and included a murder. Through every nightmare they experienced, true love never faltered.

The manuscript for the book is currently in the hands of our agent, Paul S. Levine.  We will post photos, media clips, commentary, and more on this new site. Upcoming appearances and events will also be posted.

Cheryl lived in a Hell on earth for many years of her childhood, the victim of her sexually, physically and mentally abusive father. 

After 30 years of silence, she has finally come forward to tell the truth behind the sensational headlines and radio or TV shows about this murder-for-hire case.

Cheryl has been committed to helping abuse victims for many years now and hopes by writing this book along with Rob, that  situations of victims who read the book don't turn into the desperate horror her's did. 

Rob experienced something that few people have. It has been called a miracle and was that he is here to help tell the story is a direct result of Cheryl's love and dedication to her husband--the person who protected her from the time she was an abused teen.

My name is Morgan St. James, and I am the co-author of their just completed book "Incest, Murder and a Miracle." 

Cheryl and Rob Cuccio are available for talks and interviews. If you would like more information, please go to the contact page.

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  1. I’m really happy for you that your life turned around for the better. I personally never thought about kids and incest but I do have a friend that went through it with her stepdad. I’m just happy it turned out that you had people believe in you.