Thursday, September 15, 2016


INCEST, MURDER AND A MIRACLE was published on December 17. The Kindle/Paperback and Ebook formats are now available for order. 

This is an exciting and gratifying time for all of us. The Cuccios will finally be able to realize their dream of getting their story out to help abuse victims as well as making others aware of the importance of (1) reporting suspected abuse and (2) getting second opinions for medical evaluations if there is any doubt of the diagnosis, or if the person wants confirmation of a diagnosis. It can save lives. Cheryl knows--she is a survivor, and Rob knows--he almost wasn't here to tell the story.

It is a time when a new strength has grown in Cheryl. It took tremendous will power and many tears during the writing of the book to read over and over in detail the hell she endured most of her childhood and the determination that grew never to be a victim again. And, for Rob, he had to relive what could have been the end of his days. 

You will be fascinated, inspired and awed at what you find between the pages of this amazing true story.  Follow this blog and more as more posts are made. MORGAN ST. JAMES

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